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Christian Crusades – History

The Christian Crusades’ history has been profoundly persuasive in Europe and all through the world. It figured out how to destroy numerous Christians for around two centuries and straightforwardly influenced the lives of the enduring Christians. The Christian Crusades’ history had annihilated an expected 6,000,000 Christians amid their rule. The assessments really runs from 2,000,000 […]

Jesus Believed In Jesus

Perhaps you have faith in Jesus. Possibly you don’t. Goodness beyond any doubt, practically all normal and taught individuals trust that Jesus was a genuine individual, a religious instructor, who experienced nearly 2000 years back. Indeed, even the Koran makes reference to Jesus multiple times. In spite of the fact that the Islamic sacred text […]

Gurdjieff and Christianity

Was Gurdjieff a Christian? The introduction of the instructing is it Christian? Entering the new thousand years, somewhere in the range of fifty years after Mr. Gurdjieff’s passing, it is essential to start to comprehend the part that Christianity played in his life and in the training he brought. Absolutely, as Gurdjieff clarifies in Meetings […]

Prizes of the Christian Life

The Christian life is depicted as a race by the author of Hebrews. “Consequently we likewise, since we are encompassed by so extraordinary a haze of observers, let us dismiss each weight, and the transgression which so effectively captures us, and let us keep running with continuance the race that is set before us, looking […]