101 frugal Christmas tips

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For many years, we had many times that we had to be very hard at Christmas. There are many tips and ideas to help you get an affordable Christmas. Let your family entertain … find something cheaper!

101 affordable Christmas gifts, activities and tips

1. Bake. This is a great way for kids to get involved. Bake some cookies, cupcakes or make delicious sweets. Purchase cheap cellophane and pack it neatly, or use cheaply available items such as paper lunch bags, wrapping paper, and colorful cans. Many wrapping options can be found in the dollar store.

2. Insist on price restrictions. Some of us are exchanging gifts for family / friends. Set an affordable lower bound for your family. That really isn’t … or shouldn’t be about the price anyway.

3. Feed the hunger. Buy groceries and donate to a local food bank. Meals can also be served in the local soup kitchen. Doing this as a family will teach your children the importance of taking care of the poor. The habits that began in childhood are with us all the time!

4. Demonstrate your talent. It’s free! If you are good at organizing, give friends a few hours of gifts to help them get organized in their home area. If you are knitting, make something special for someone on the list. If you are good at taxes, offer to do it for friends and loved ones. A woman who has gone beyond the limits.

5. Dollar tree Christmas. This may sound strange, but for us, the year was so harsh that we literally had only $ 15 to spend on Christmas. period. So each of us got $ 5 to spend with each other at the dollar store. It was the best Christmas ever. The torch lighter that my husband got for me that year is my number one favorite and is much better than the expensive ones I received a few years later!

6. Homemade gift. Grandma and Grandpa love handmade gifts more than a shop bought from a small love insect. It’s a great idea for our moms!

7. Volunteer. Visit an elderly home and read a book to them. Volunteer where you need it. There are many opportunities for all communities! Get your family involved again!

8. Create your own decoration. Old beads, popcorn, and / or macaroni can be threaded into a great wreath. One year, she cut out two large strips of old disposable tablecloths that she bought at a dollar shop. She made a beautiful bow for each of my lamps. The color worked perfectly and added a nice touch. You can also make a wreath with pine cones and an extra green type wreath. Use your creativity and come up with great ideas!

9. Start tradition. Every year there is a cookie decoration, gift wrapping or other contest. Make sure that the winner has some kind of “bragging right” image to hold for that year. There are several other ideas on this list …

10. Sing Along. This is a fun thing to do with my care group every year. This is very important if you have a large family. Each group or couple using a 12-day Christmas song … Depending on the size of your family, get one part to sing (two for a small family). I really enjoy how each group sings and how it ties together. There are some real hams in our group that make this a cheerful activity.

11. Cheap wrap. Make your own paper mache type wrap. Have the children paint a decorative picture on the paper and wrap it with it. Reuse the gift bag you received last year. You can also use old grocery store paper bags, or recently made cute reusable bags. Be creative with what you have … Wrapping will be garbage anyway!

12. After Christmas sale. It’s the perfect time to buy decorations, gifts and goods for next holiday season. In fact you have a few dollars to invest so you have to plan it. In the long run it is worth saving!

13. Sell things. This is a great way to make extra money on holidays. Garage sales, ebay sales, and big item ads on paper. Take stock and see what you have.

14. Go to Caroling. In some areas, this is done as a group. Otherwise, start your own caring gig. Engage friends, family, and neighbors to celebrate and enjoy others!

15. Hold the pot rack. Do everything yourself, not everyone spending too much time and money, but let everyone participate. It’s a great way to try other dishes, build bonds, and work together to save money!

16. Look at the Christmas lights. Every year we put hot cocoa in a travel mug, get a cozy blanket, and snuggle up to the car watching the city’s Christmas lights. We are quite a critique you know-take a look! Lol!

17. Join the church on Christmas Eve. Many churches have Christmas Eve services. This is another free activity for your family!

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