12 apps that remind you of the Christmas spirit

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So what is your plan for Christmas? There is no more important month left and there are many things to do. And how do you enjoy that day? Below are iOS and Android apps that you can prepare for Christmas.

1. Countdown to Christmas

You are a great Christmas enthusiast and want to know how many days left until Christmas. This app is perfect for reducing your Christmas enthusiasm and preparing for an impending Christmas day. This app intentionally uses the term “sleep instead of night”. It shows how many sleeps you get before Christmas.

Upgrading the app adds a Santa Tracker to your inventory so you can learn about Santa’s daily sightings. You can even read his blog and news and send him a letter to make your wish come true this Christmas.

2. Christmas Ringtones

This is the perfect app to prepare your phone for Christmas. Get Christmas ringtones downloaded to your smart device. You will have your daily dosage of ringtones and it will also be free. In addition, this app supports several cultures and provides a multilingual Christmas experience. Get the app from Google Store.

3. Christmas Recipe Lite

How to make a lipstick day to remember Christmas? Christmas Recipe Lite is for you only. No need to know recipes using an active internet connection on your smart device. All recipes in this app are free to use offline. Only update the latest Christmas cooking recipes online if you want to make this app your own cookbook. The recipe is fully explained with images, materials and details the procedure. This should be taken to prepare a fancy Christmas dish that strikes its lips.

Christmas Recipes Lite is available for free at the Google Store.

4. Charlie Brown Christmas

This app is intended to give you a healthy Christmas experience when it comes to an interactive storybook for Christmas. Charlie Brown’s Christmas app relives the Snoopy and Gang 1965 anime classics seeking to find the true meaning of Christmas.

This app comes with digitally remastered illustrations, animations and music that are fully optimized for Apple devices. This highly interactive app on the App Store promises the best Christmas experience for just $ 6.99.

5. 101 Christmas Cake Ideas

Christmas can never be completed without a cake. If you are in charge of baking cakes for Christmas, 101 Christmas Cake Ideas is one of the apps for you. Packed with numerous templates, patterns and decorations, this app is a perfect suggestion to make your cake literally a cake.

Especially known for its easy navigation features, you can get the app for free from the Appstore.

6. Christmas Carol

Padworkx Digital Media Inc. has redefined Christmas Carol , Charles Dickens famous novel through this app. This 130-page summary text is backed up by a steampunk style illustration and a thrilling soundtrack, and recreates the story of the transformation of Ebenezer Scrooge in the best possible way.

The lively interactivity of telling the story makes the hero darkness, despair, joy and life. You can get the app from the Apple Appstore.

7. Appy Christmas

Appy Christmas is similar to Android’s Talking Tom app. When you talk to Santa, he talks back to you. When he scratches his stomach, he makes a round trip. You can play with Santa You can poke him and stroke and see him turn into Rudolph, a red nose reindeer.

This app is packed with comical and foolish voices enough to make you laugh. Available for free on the Appstore.

8. Glow Tune Christmas

You have already baked a cake for Christmas. Playing with Santa and preparing dinner on Christmas night. Now is the time to decorate your Christmas tree. Use the Glowtune Christmas app to decorate animated Christmas trees.

Simply tap different colors displayed in the app and tap anywhere on the virtual tree. Just press play and you can have the best Christmas experience through this app. Each time you add or remove a light, the song will automatically develop. Add a little bit of winter snow and experience a real Christmas. You can save or delete your favorite creations as needed.

You can get the app for free on the Google Store.

9. The Night Before Christmas

This famous poem was renovated by Moving Tales Inc, an iPhone application developer. This poem is experienced by users in a playful and interesting way. You can choose from pre-recorded narrations or record your own voice. Sound effects and music are easily comparable to any Hollywood classic. And above all, this app will captivate you

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