2010 Germany’s Best Christmas Market-a place to enjoy a cool Yule on a tour to Germany

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The German Christmas Market is one of the wonderful gifts that Germany has given the world. Year after year, in almost every city and even in a small German village, the Christmas market is a great local attraction. Despite popularity. The German Christmas market is still relatively unknown outside the country. If you stop a few people on the street and ask about what comes to mind when they think about Germany, they are more likely to mention Bach, Beethoven and Bradwurst than the Christmas market.

Are you looking for a Christmas tour to Germany or a package tour to Europe? Of all the available tours, Christmas Market Tour is one of the most unique and unforgettable travel experiences ever. It also provides good value. Airfare in late November and the first half of December is low, so you can save on flights. The summer tourist crash is over and the pace is more calm. And if you want to celebrate an actual Christmas holiday at home, the Christmas tour is perfect. You can go to the Christmas trail in early December and shop home by December 25th.

When December begins, the Christmas market and Germany are almost synonymous. It would be difficult for one to imagine without the other. If you are planning a tour to Germany, you have two basic options. Want to travel on your own? Or do you want something like an escort tour or package tour to Germany?

Traveling on your own is the most flexible. Plan your route, pay attention to the wind and make your trip a free adventure. However, flexibility comes at a price. If you plan to visit the German Christmas market, you will want to see at least three (probably more) markets. That means moving to three or four different cities and moving through these cities to visit markets and other local markets attractions.

If you drive a car on the autobahn in winter and are not enthusiastic about negotiating big cities and villages beyond the wheel, or if you are not sure whether to travel to more than 4 cities and transfer, everything you buy with baggage Goods and guided Christmas tours are worth considering.

I admit I have an opinion on the subject. Planning and leading a small group package tour to Germany. I also traveled alone for business and leisure. In my experience, a Christmas tour is the best option for most people if their travel focus is specialized and time is limited. This is especially true if you are traveling in December and you are trying to cover more than one city and there is no time limit.

This also applies to independent, discerning travelers who are shy about mass market tourism and group thinking. The secret is to find the right kind of Christmas tour. You don’t have to be a cookie cutter tour. Look around and find special tours with the kind of features and great service that meet your standards. You might pay a few more dollars, but it is worth it.

Smaller is better. Make sure the group size is 15-20 or less. It is also important for the owner to operate. Many travel agencies simply sell tours operated by other companies. There is no “in-game skins” for those who book tours. When arranging through a small company run by the owner, the owner is more likely to actually plan a trip and plan a trip directly. A quality, owner-led Christmas tour includes not only market visits, but also extras that you might miss if you are traveling alone, such as Christmas music, specialized exhibitions, and visits with artisans.

Germany’s top Christmas market The Christmas market in

Cologne is popular. The Munich Christmas market is also attractive, and the Berlin Christmas market has grown since the collapse of the wall. These trade shows tend to be very large. Big is not necessarily a bad thing, but all German holiday markets are related to tradition and history. Many people feel that the southeastern and eastern parts of Germany are the most popular places in Germany (especially Franconia, Thuringia, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt), so Christmas tours to Germany are at least some of the region Make sure that the market of the country is included. Introducing the best Christmas market in Germany in 2010.

Leipzig Christmas Market

Going back to 1458, the Leipzig market is overflowing from the main market square. The world’s largest advent calendar (Guinness certification) with a separate window that opens every day. From November 23 to December 22, 2010.

Dresden Christmas Market (known as Striezelmarkt)

This is one of the best German markets older than Leipzig. Near the Elz Mountains toy making area. November 25 to December 24, 2010.

Schneberg Christmas Market

Enjoy the Christmas spirit of a small town in Schneberg in the Ore Mountains (mine)

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