Best Choghadiya for Raksha bandhan 2021 | Rakhi Shubh Muhrat

Rakhi festival is coming. All people have one question regarding raksha bandhan shubh muhurat? Rakhi Shubh Muhrat  provided by shastri din upadhya from Gujarat said best time for rakhi is in morning 9.39 am to 12.50 pm. and afternoon time is 2.25pm to 4pm and 7.11pm to 10 pm. Best Choghadiya for Raksha bandhan  is Labh Choghadiya, Amrit Choghadiya, Shubh Choghadiya.

Today we provide Best timing for Raksha Bandhan for Brother and sister in gujarati, hindi, and english. read below

For the first time, Goddess Lakshmi tied a rakhi to King Bali. In the yagya of King Bali, Vishnu had arrived with Vamana avatar and asked for 3 steps of land from him. When King Bali resolved to give, Lord Vamana measured the whole earth in one step and the sky in the other.

Where to put the third step now? King Bali put his head forward on this Lord’s request. Then God was pleased and told him that you reside in Hades, I will stay at your door in Sudarshan form.

Raksha bandhan mantra

According to Choghadiya

Labh Choghadiya : 12.31 pm to 2.08 pm.
Amrit Choghadiya: 2.08 to 3.15 pm.
Shubh Choghadiya: From 5.22 to 6.59 in the evening.
Amrit Choghadiya: From 6.59 to 8.23 at night.

Best Choghadiya for Raksha bandhan 2021 | Rakhi Shubh Muhrat

Then the mother tied a rakhi to King Bali to bring them back. When he tied the rakhi, then that day was the full moon of the month of Shravan and it was Shravan Nakshatra. Since then sisters are tying Rakshabandhan to their brothers.

Tie this Raksha Bandhan in auspicious time so that your brother is happy and happy and can protect you.

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