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My family has a Christmas tree every year because it was common to do. There are decorations, holly garlands, gifts, and more for the Christmas celebration. I know it was a borderline, but I have been using it for many years in that everyone likes it so much that it is supposed to commemorate the birthday of our Lord I went with it. This year I focused on the importance of biblical evidence that allowed me to reconsider how harmless and good this holiday was. Where in the Bible are you told not to celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is not a Bible doctrine In the

first place, Christmas is not a Bible doctrine. If our blessed Lord wanted us to celebrate his birthday, he would have taught us when and how to celebrate it. But Christ did not tell anyone to celebrate his birthday. Furthermore, we know from the Bible and the history of the Church that the apostles and the early church have never celebrated Christ’s birthday.

The Bible is God’s complete and final revelation to man and teaches us everything we need to know for our spiritual life (2 Timothy 3:16). We don’t have to go outside the Bible for anything. God’s Word is how we worship, how to devote money to support the Lord’s work, how to evangelize the lost people, the Lord’s evening up, and Christian life Will tell you how to observe everything else involved. But the Bible has never told us to celebrate Christmas! You are told to remember the Lord’s death, but you are not told anywhere to celebrate the Lord’s birth.

God’s people are supposed to be Bible people. We are to live by the teachings of God’s holy word. So the very fact that Christmas is not mentioned in the Bible is a good reason that we have nothing to do with Christmas. But that is not all.

Christ is not born on December 25th The

second reason I don’t celebrate Christmas is that Christ was not born on December 25th. Notice:

“And the shepherd stayed in the field in the same country and watched over the flock at night.” Luke 2:

Don’t miss points: The shepherd took care of the flock at the night Jesus Christ was born It was a. When the shepherd was looking at the sheep, the message of the birth of Jesus Christ reached them.

It is a well-known fact that December is in the middle of the rainy season in Palestine and the sheep remained folded at that time. The shepherd always surrounded the herd from October to April. They brought sheep from the mountains and fields by October 15 and protected the sheep from the cold rainy season that continued from that day. So the birth of Christ would not have been possible at the end of December.

Second, Luke 2: 1, 3 said, “At the time of the birth of Jesus Christ,“ All the world will be taxed … ”and everything will be taxed, and everything will be in his own city. It has been moved “. This could not happen in winter. Roman ruler Caesar Augustus never demands such taxation at winter depths. Traveling at this time is very difficult. Therefore, if it is given, it is virtually impossible for anyone to comply with the law. The Lord himself testified of the rigors of winter travel. Because they told people to pray that their flight would not be in winter at the end of this era (Matthew 24:20).

No one knows the exact day that Jesus Christ was born, but it is likely that he was born during September. Since his earthly service lasted about three and a half years, we can reasonably be convinced that this is the 14th of the month of Nisan corresponding to our April (John 19:31) , Leviticus 23: 5). It is September when Jesus Christ is 30 years old, about three and a half years back until he began public missions. This was probably the month when our Lord was born into this world.

The Origins of Christmas

Thousands of years before Jesus Christ was born, pagans from all countries observed December 25 as the birthday of a god called the God of the Sun. Semiramis, Nimrod’s widow, was a mother. She claimed to be a queen of heaven. And she had a son who was supposed to be born on December 25th. His name was Tams.

According to all the pagan religions at that time, Tams had a miraculous birth. For centuries his birthday has been celebrated at feasts, festivities and drunk orgy parties. The pagans celebrated Tammuz’s birthday according to the very example he set for them. He was the best lover in the world of women, strong drinks, dirty jokes and other sensual fun. He loves everyone and everyone is said to have loved him. And it was December 25 that all pagan religions celebrated the birthday of their son God Tammus.

All this is revealed in Alexander Hithrop’s wonderful book “Two Babylons”. A reputable encyclopedia also verifies these facts.

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