Christmas (gift purchase) Carol-or how to avoid the ghost of past Christmas gifts

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Scrooge had only three Christmas spirits to deal with, but as anyone who has done Christmas shopping knows, it is often plagued by many Christmas ghosts. This year we want to stop the ghosts. By naming and embarrassing Christmas shopping ghosts that can hide in the shadows and ruin their efforts to purchase Christmas gifts, our goal is to exile them faithfully to historical books.

Indecisive Ghost

This is a ghost who can never decide what to do with friends and family. It shows its face when trying to decide what to buy for someone who already has everything.

Preparation is the best way to send this ghost packing. Write down various gift ideas throughout the year. They can be ridiculous or boring as you like, but at least you will have a bank of ideas to choose from when Christmas arrives.

If you are struggling with this year’s ideas, take the time to brainstorm. Sit with a pen and paper and write down as many gift ideas as possible. At this stage, you don’t have to worry about cost or suitability. It is to spread the idea of ​​Christmas gifts. If you come up with an expensive idea, you can find a similar Christmas gift at a much lower cost.

For example, your favorite perfume may be out of budget, but in many cases the corresponding shower gel is more affordable. First of all, think about the person in question, what you like, what you dislike, interests, and even the work environment.

For example, a salesperson might appreciate sitting navigation or a favorite CD that can be played while driving if budget is limited.

A meaningless Christmas gift ghost

We all visited this ghost one day. At that time, I searched for the latest gadget that seemed like a big purchase, but in a few years it was buried in a drawer. For me, it was a back massager I bought my husband more than 10 years ago, but it hasn’t been taken out of the box yet!

To destroy this ghost, always think twice before buying. First, ask yourself if the gift has a real purpose or if it has a great element. There was no actual use other than furry ornaments that collected dust on the shelves.

On the other hand, electronic consoles such as Wii, Nintendo DS, and Sony PlayStation have a certain lifetime because they can purchase new games. They are also excellent at keeping their children (and even their husbands) quiet for an hour. That is until the debate about who the next turn begins.

The second question you need to ask-do they really appreciate this Christmas gift? To reiterate, go beyond the novelty factor to determine if the gift has real value to the recipient.

A few years ago I received some wine charms. A different set of rings attach to the stem of the wine glass to identify the drink. At first glance, these seem to be just new things, but they have proved very useful. A great way to stop my stepmother from always claiming a glass that is still full!

Ghost of Nightmare Credit Card Bill The

most terrifying of all ghosts, the one that tends to deal with closing your eyes and saying “you can’t see”. This is a strategy that works effectively until the post arrives in January.

It is our best advice to deal with this ghost directly. If you are well disciplined and can clear a little money every week throughout the year, you will find that Christmas is a much easier financial burden to bear. However, like many people, if you have just organized your finances since last Christmas, you need to take another approach and stick to it!

Set a budget for each person who needs to buy a Christmas present. Under no circumstances will you exceed your budget-if you have a large family, a few pounds will be added soon.

If possible, use cash instead of a credit card. If you can see the money you spend, you are less likely to spend too much. If you insist on using a credit card, be sure to add a fee. By being aware of how much you use, there is no nasty surprise in the New Year.

The ghost of the last Christmas gift

Procrastination is this ghost’s best friend, and usually the ghost nightmare credit card bill also joins the party!

Purchasing Christmas gifts in the last minute is always at risk of panicking and costing more than intended. By organizing this ghost, you can stop it. Create a list of all the people who need to buy Christmas gifts and add each person’s Christmas gift ideas to the list.

After that, pick up a Christmas present or leave one of the two days to finish all Christmas shopping.

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