Christmas Lights-find the perfect light to decorate this year’s Christmas tree

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When it comes to Christmas decoration ideas, consumers are full of choices every year-mini Christmas lights, purple, red, blue, green LED Christmas lights, candle lights, torpedo shaped traditional Christmas tree lights, LED Christmas lights Net-options are endless.

As the owner of a small company that sells unique traditional Christmas tree candles, look at the trend of Christmas decorations and enjoy what Christmas tree lights people buy. This little light will appear greatly in the tradition of Christmas. It has a long and fascinating history.

Christmas Light-History

It all started with a simple Christmas candle. According to the legend, this is due to the work of Martin Luther, who invented the Christmas tree in the 16th century. Christmas trees survived centuries quietly, electrical Christmas tree lighting appeared in the early 1900s, and as they say, the rest is history.

Thanks to President Grover Cleveland, in 1895 the first electric Christmas lights debuted at the White House. Ideas began to spread, but lighting was expensive, so only the richest of the rich could afford them first. GE started offering Christmas light kits in 1903. Around 1917, string electric Christmas lights began to appear in department stores. Costs have gradually declined and a company called NOMA, Holidaylight’s largest marketing company, has become very successful as consumers snap to new fanglites across the country.

Initial design

Many of the early Christmas bulbs were shaped like traditional Christmas tree candles. Candle shapes are no longer in fashion, and new varieties of shapes like glass balls, animals, lanterns, and Santa dolls have emerged. A new and improved candle-shaped bubble light reappeared in the second half of the 20th century. This was filled with a penetrating colored liquid that flickers the tree as the bulb warms up. You can sometimes find such vintage bubble Christmas lights at flea markets and antique shops. Electric Christmas lights continued to have an influence in the 1980s.

Today’s consumers have been enthusiastically accepting LED Christmas lights as great grandparents got the first generation of electric Christmas tree lights 90 years ago. Is the LED Christmas light close to the saturation point? Every year I think so, the manufacturer has a new twist-LED web lights, large mesh net LED Christmas lights, flashing LED Christmas tree lights, or other variations. One

hope for LED tired Christmas lovers

is clear. LED Christmas lights have a great energy saving effect. That’s good. But virtues have a price. Due to the very different optical quality of LED lighting, some Christmas enthusiasts feel sterilized and not warm. LED skeptical Christmas enthusiasts who want to give the tree a real glow are surrounded by a lack of choices, but at the end they are paid for persistence. There are several sources that supply original Christmas tree candles and traditional Christmas tree candle holders, and people are starting to tap them as alternatives.

If the LED Christmas light is a soulless thing for you, but you don’t want to go back to the energy-consuming light you grew up, consider switching to this year’s traditional Christmas tree candle. They existed for centuries much longer than electric lights. It is also greener than LED Christmas lights because it does not consume any power.

Christmas off the grid

Let’s say that the idea of ​​an eco-friendly, candle-powered Christmas tree appealed to you and you decided not to use LEDs in the answer. I want to get off the grid and light the candle this year. You need to make some choices-but the process of looking at design options and finding what you like best is fun.

First, you don’t want to melt the candle end and paste it on the Christmas tree (as reported by Martin Luther). A holder is required for Christmas tree candles. Find a source of good quality traditional metal candle holders. And make sure they are German-they are the best.

Next, determine which type of Christmas tree candle holder looks best. This is just a matter of taste. There is no right and wrong. The classic Clip On Candle Holder is a popular solution. It is fixed to the branch and has a swivel mechanism, so it can be adjusted. Clip-on Christmas tree candle holders are usually available in silver or gold.

The pendulum Christmas tree candle holder is an old design. First patented in the United States by Charles Kirchhoff in 1867. This model has a stem with a weight at the end to help balance the candle holder and keep it straight. This model generally has a ball-type (Kugel) weight or star weight. All candle holders have a wax catcher to catch drips before reaching CA

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