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This year is approaching that time! The mall was full of tinsel and bells for almost a month. The Human Resources department distributes holiday priority forms. Children beg their parents for certain material matters, as do adults. Christmas is approaching!

I can expect you to have a strong opinion about everything, so here are some tips for a successful Christmas.

Christmas presents are for needs, not needs.

If you are thinking of putting white cotton socks on the list, this tip is for you, even if it involves something else for the recipient.

Christmas gifts must be fun and must be enjoyable by the recipient. Children and adults alike should focus on meeting their needs, not their needs. In many cases, video games make great Christmas gifts but rarely do toothpaste.

“But Kim, this guy on my list is in poverty! They need toilet paper, they can’t afford it!” In that case, they still give their gift Please make it what you want. Giving them what they need is a very good idea, but don’t make that Christmas gift. Give them carefully what they need at other times. Do not wrap or give presents in the immediate vicinity of December 25th.

Christmas gifts are not what you think you should have, but what you want to have.

That is another mistake that is made too often. If I like Hello Kitty products, don’t give me a regular wallet because I think it’s a more “adult” or better taste. Instead, get a Hello Kitty wallet.
If I prefer black clothes too much for you, Christmas is not an opportunity for me to wear colorful clothes.
You are not going to change someone’s taste with a Christmas present. Do not try, they will resell you for you.

Get as much as you can about recipient preferences.

Canadian 40-year-old men should love NHL products, so guessing about someone is the wrong way to choose a Christmas present. In many cases, people ignore stereotypes and generalization.
I remember when I was in elementary school and there is some craft for Father’s Day every June. I remember a year when a kindergarten or first grader (1st grade, American) was given a “bond” of decorative cardboard.

My father doesn’t like to tie. I knew it even when I was six years old. In other elementary school years, pencil cases were given to decorate with Father’s Day-themed wallpaper and wrapping paper. All the designs on the subject of soccer, fishing and power tools were very inappropriate for my father. But he is a man! He is my father! He must be like Tim Allen!
Similarly, if I am a young heterosexual woman and you think cosmopolitan magazine subscription is a great idea for me, there is news for you.

Avoid Christmas gifts with a Christmas theme.

It’s my real pet tired. I love Christmas, but only if Christmas stuff is restricted from December 1st to December 26th. Getting a Santa Claus mug for Christmas means receiving something close to the time you want to expel Christmas from the spirit to enjoy next year’s Christmas.
Christmas gifts should be enjoyed for days to weeks after receipt. So resist the temptation to buy Christmas-themed gifts.

Similarly, do not make Christmas decorations too early or too late!

It’s bad enough for retailers to think that Christmas displays need to be installed as soon as Halloween goods are removed. Do not follow the local shopping mall leads.
My Christmas secularized and commercialized experience is sacred. It is magical and fun only in special cases for time-limited occasions.

If you turn on the Christmas light on November 1 and turn it off by the end of March, it will stay on your house for three days a year. Isn’t it something special anymore?

My birthday is January 13th. I always tell people, the Christmas gift that the world can give to me is to get rid of all the Christmas stuff by my birthday. Ideally, the decoration and tree should be raised in the first or second week of December and taken down by December 27th.

With that in mind, be considerate of people with birthdays close to Christmas time.

Combining Christmas / birthday gifts is very important. My birthday is a few weeks after Christmas, but people still want me to do it. Even worse for those born closer to Christmas.

The birthdays of myself and others are important to me. Because it’s a day you can make everything about you or about them. Make sure that people in your life that are close to or have a Christmas birthday receive separate birthday cards and gifts at different times. It applies to children and adults. If the person’s birthday is during the Christmas week, celebrate the birthday during another week. Many Capricorn and Late Sagittarius

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