Christmas time-the season of memories

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Everything has a season, and every purpose of heaven has time:
Christmas is one of the happiest seasons in our lives. It brings us together as a family and creates a special loving tradition and many loving memories. We all have a special memory of the past of Christmas. I would like to share some of my memories.

For me, Christmas has changed for years. I am a grandma and enjoy a special Christmas with my grown-up kids and their family. I see them making lasting memories for small children. I remember the happy time my precious children were still at home and the Christmas we spent together. How i miss those special times.

My song “Christmas Wish” tells what is in my heart.
If there was one Christmas wish,
we went back in time and when our children were all young they were at home with us.
Decorate the house with lights, set up a Christmas tree
, bake cookies; sing a Christmas carol in the neighborhood.
Give a gift to a loved one. Really nice wrapping,
lots of laughs, kisses, hugs, we have a lot of fun.
I read the story of Jesus Christ born in Bethlehem. In the
manger, we carefully placed the Savior.
Christmas Eve We hold them firmly and
thank you for a special gift from God, our family, our loved ones.
Push it safely into the bed, fill up the stockings,
Take a peek at the sleeping baby. Angel without wings.
When Dad turns on the light, his eyes shine Christmas.
Santa left many gifts. Cookies and milk are gone.
Opening the gift was the best of all. The luggage is torn,
find their special wishes, and jump off.
I bake turkeys while playing with the toys they got, we feasted
food and love together, how on heaven.
Memories of a special day many years ago It
seems only yesterday. Life was full of joy.
If there was one Christmas wish,
we went back in time and when our children were all young they were at home with us.

Christmas reminds me not only the memories of my precious children, but also my dear mother who died on October 18, 2002. She was 86 years old and life was not easy, but she did her best to make our lives happy. My mother’s favorite memory was the wonderful Christmas she made for my brother, sister, and me. Despite the alcohol addicted father who made a fuss in our lives, whenever she got drunk, especially at Christmas time.

My mother seemed to have a mission to make things right for us every Christmas. Each year she opened a charge account at Zellers and purchased a gift. My father didn’t give her money. We were poor because of his addiction. She needed something like socks and underwear, but she always bought something special. I remember the red leather loose-leaf binder she gave me when I was 10. At that time, the children didn’t know it, but for the rest of the year, the mom paid the charge account with cash that could be reduced from food expenses. For each new season, she redone with a different Christmas charge account.

Mama did not see the tree on Christmas morning before the old family tradition. My kids are now raising trees at least two weeks before Christmas. But nevertheless, when I was young, it was brilliant to see the trees for the first time.

One Christmas Eve, when my father got drunk, he took a lot of Christmas trees closed for the night and dragged them behind him. We lived in Canada and the trees were frozen. When he brought it to our home and thawed; my mother knew why no one purchased it. There were only a few branches in this tree. My mother sent him back for another tree. They tied two because it was bare as well.

Mom woke up all night, carefully decorated the tree and wrapped up a present. She always had the trick to do things perfectly. She made a special effort to select the most beautiful paper at an affordable price, and each gift had a bright ribbon and bow. She was dedicated to bringing excitement to our eyes on Christmas morning. She lit our gorgeous tree with lots of gifts from Santa. Her reward came when she saw the pleasure of opening up each treasure.

Often our father hanged too much to open a gift with us and later planned to spend a day with his companions, but the mother made sure Christmas was special . We always went to grandma and grandpa’s house and ate a turkey feast with all the parents relative.

This Christmas is especially grateful to the loving mother who sacrificed much for the family and made Christmas memories and traditions. It is inherited by grandchildren. I really miss her.

In all of our own lives we have special Christmas memories and I will never forget another.

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