Decorate your tree with old-fashioned Christmas tree candles-8 important safety tips

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Have you noticed how the spread of Christmas on steroids has been over the past few years? Unprecedented high-tech decorations, over-the-top LED Christmas tree lights, and Giganda’s outdoor Christmas display overwhelm the holidays.

When it comes to decorating Christmas trees, the bigger and better ones are common, but some people are opting out and trying to regain the simple pleasures of traditional Christmas. That is not difficult. One of the best ways to take a step back from the brink and get back on vacation and sanity is to throw away the lights and LED Christmas lights and turn green. Replace energy-consuming lights with real Christmas tree candles. Or reduce the number of lights and add Christmas candles. Either way, you won’t regret it.

The sight of a Christmas tree that shines naturally with real candlelight stops the footprints of friends and family and weakens your knees. Shining and beautiful. Our great grandparents were crazy about something. They use Christmas tree candles and this is how they experienced Christmas every year.

Suppose this year it is green and you decide to use Christmas tree candles instead of kilowatts. Finding a real Christmas candle is not easy. Because they basically disappeared from the market 90 years ago. But persistence is rewarded. Another article I wrote about Christmas lights discusses various sources, but if you want to save time, it is easiest to order from a reputable dealer. There are several suppliers in the US that import candles from Germany and sell them online. Track one of them and place an order early in the season.

It is important to remember that you will need both a Christmas candle and a Christmas tree candle holder. Without the holder, there is no way to mount the candle on the tree. You can choose one of two types of candle holders. ClipOn Christmas Tree candle holders are fixed to the branches. Or a pendulum Christmas tree candle holder. It has a stem and counterweight that are used to balance the holder when hung on a Christmas tree. There is no right and wrong. Choose the model you like best.

The power of the candle was determined for its appearance, green color, or various other reasons. However, safety must be a top priority. Use caution and, above all, common sense, when deciding on a candle clip or pendulum candle holder. Here are eight important tips for decorating a Christmas tree with candles:

1. Get the right kind of candle. Basically there are a lot of right types of Christmas candles and wrong ones. Bottom line: The candle must fit in the candle holder. Tapers, votive, table candles are too thick. Birthday and “gag” candles are very thin. Do not try to improvise. When ordering a candle holder, please order a real Christmas tree candle. Then you will be confident that you are getting the right one.

2. Perform a dry run. When the order arrives, remove several candles from the box and place them in a candle clip or pendulum candle holder. Lift the holder as if it were on a tree. Does the candle fit perfectly? If necessary, bend the tines at the bottom of the holder inward to hold the candle firmly. You get the hang of it. Your goal is to prevent the candle from wobbling or tilting when it is time to decorate the tree.

3. Carefully attach the candle holder to the Christmas tree. Place them at the end-after the Christmas bulbs, ornaments, garlands and other ornaments. If you are using Clip On Christmas Tree candle holders, place them large enough (no weight) to support them, but not so thick that the clamps won’t bite your limbs. The Christmas candle clip comes with a swivel base. Adjust when the holder and candle are on the tree so that the candle is completely vertical. For a pendulum holder, wrap the stem around a branch that is heavy enough to hold the weight and make sure there is enough space for the counterweight at the end of the stem to hang freely.

4. Look when the candle and holder become wood-place it so that there is 100% of what the candle can cause a fire. This includes different limbs, other candles, garlands, tinsel, or nearby Christmas decorations. Pay special attention to the upper branches. Is it hanging on the candle in such a way that it will ignite when it is lit? In that case, you need to move the candle. Make sure that nothing is caught on the flame.

5. First set the highest candle on fire and then go down. When you are ready for a special moment, don’t rush over time. Do not try to light as many candles as possible in a single match. If the match is nearing the end, blow it off and ignite the next few candles in a new match. Retreat and stock ag

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