I don’t have Christmas!

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The extended Christmas season is the only important reason to reach the peak on Christmas Day. Christmas stimulates the economy. It continues to pass the economy. Since there is only one possibility that Christ was virginally born on December 25, 365.25, there are all zippers, zippers related to the “birth” of Jesus Christ (JC). Therefore, there may be only $$, without Christ at Christmas.

If you celebrate the birth of JC, Christmas will be celebrated as if it were completely false. The ultimate origin of Christmas is related to regeneration, not birth. Christmas has evolved from a winter festival celebrating the rebirth of the sun-an ever-increasing revival of sunlight, a spring revival, a warmer climate, and a growing season. No one has a clue when JC was born, or even whether JC existed in the first place.

A much more serious negative regarding the Christmas period is too much impact of our companion animals. Too many animals are actually given as Christmas gifts, but the recipient wants a pet, wants that particular kind of pet, and can afford to buy an animal, but also long term There is a way and means to take care of animals for a positive commitment. Often, a quasi-related bit is that more animals are thrown away and abandoned than others during the Christmas holiday. Selfish people who prefer holidays are often not bothered by spending time and money to make suitable arrangements for animals along their way. This puts a lot of stress on abandoned animals and places a heavy burden on animal shelters and animal welfare agencies that have to deal with floods. These institutions usually have to rely primarily on donations from the public, and this Christmas burden actually extends the budget and physical ability to care for these most innocent people.

Another serious Christmas downside is the impact of spending Christmas alone. This should in principle be no different from the effects of spending other days of the year, assuming that you don’t see Christmas in any special way or way. Boring alone at a special time of the year is totally different from working alone without recognizing that time as overly special.

I think society needs to get rid of this super aura that Christmas Day has. If you do not have a special aura, you are unlikely to treat it as special. But if you are confident that it has a special aura, you think it is special, but you may be psychologically affected because the experience has passed you.

IMHO Christmas is almost as supersonic as you can get while running away in good faith. One of the obvious sincere things about Christmas is that it should be time to spread favors and in many cases it is just a smile and a friendly greeting. But the store staff wanted me to memorize all the Merry Christmas-they didn’t have any sincerity about them. It was just telling them what the supervisor had to do. Almost every facility has a “Merry Christmas” sign, but in fact, the people who carry the sign don’t care about you and your Christmas experience.

Dozens of variations of the Christmas phrase “Peace of the Earth, Goodwill for Men” or themes, of course, need to be once a year. Emphasizing this kind of warm and ambiguous thing at a certain time suggests that these warm and ambiguous things are less relevant at all other times of the year. Why choose these warm and vague emotions for Christmas and only for Christmas? There is nothing really special about Christmas if that is the case and it is year-round.

Pope Benedict remembers praying God to punish the world’s “repressors” and bring “true brotherhood” at the 2010 Christmas Mass. When prayers are answered, just say that the Pope’s batting average, the Pope on the matter is zero. World peace isn’t right there-never and probably never-Pope prayers remain unanswered! I sincerely doubt that God-fearing Christians want to make good money and bet on me that the Pope’s blow average will soon improve. “The oppressor” does not hold his breath that God will immediately punish him. Regarding the creation of “true brotherhood,” it seems likely that I will see pink elephants and flying pigs. A tyrant will come and a tyrant will come, but there will always be several people around to give something to pay respect to the Pope.

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