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Did you notice last year? The LED tree light, the latest entry for environmentally friendly Christmas decorations, literally jumped out of the shelf. Allegedly, the overall LED sales reached-is it sitting? -Stunning $ 7.4 billion in 2009. This includes LED icicle lights, LED Christmas tree lights, and other home LED lighting.

But are LED Christmas lights really eco-winners they are demolished? Like “organic” and “100% natural”, “green” is an elastic concept. And there’s definitely an environmentally friendly alternative to LED Christmas lights, but that will be detailed in a minute.

One thing is for sure, LED Christmas lights use less energy than regular incandescent Christmas lights. So compared to big Christmas string lights or miniature Christmas lights you may have grown, LEDs are a better choice from an energy perspective. It is also suitable for outdoor Christmas lighting. This is because no maintenance is required and the service life is long.

There is one more certain thing. LED lighting is here. There is market traction and the industry is eagerly promoting. For example, one of the supply chains in a major building has just started an old Christmas light recycling campaign and offers LED Christmas tree lights at a discounted price for each incandescent string that customers put in. Earlier this year, sales for this year fall off the chart.

The best thing since Granola?

Does the LED Christmas light match Granola’s lifestyle? Although it consumes less energy, it is very difficult to call LED Christmas trees and LED tree lights natural products.

LED light cords are made of oil-based plastic (as with all modern light cords). The LED bulb itself is covered with an epoxy resin, which is a super-curing chemical polymer. Epoxy is widely used in several products, but epoxy resin contains bisphenol A. Bisphenol A is a hazardous substance prohibited from some consumer items. Some shoppers try not to leave chemical products in their living space, including building fixtures, wood finishes, home textiles, carpets and work surfaces. Others just want to reduce the amount of plastic in their lives. These consumers may reconsider LED Christmas lights.

Safety and fire protection are the most important issues every Christmas season. There are no 100% safe Christmas lights. However, LED lighting is advertised as particularly safe. Nevertheless, problems can occur. Just a few days after Halloween, Costco, a bin marketer, announced that he remembered Christmas figures illuminated with LED lights that could cause a fire. Such problems early in the shopping season highlight the fact that even LED Christmas lights are not necessarily risk-free.

Like an LED balloon …

LED Christmas lights are pretty cool. But that’s exactly a problem for shoppers. They are too cool.

The spectral quality of LED lighting is different. Some people feel that blue is heavy and yellow, red, gold, and tan are bright-all colors are at the end of the spectrum toast. Certainly this is subjective. However, if you are sensitive to light quality, especially if you are aiming for a warm and cozy sensation, you will not be able to choose LEDs. The new light gets a mixed review and is reviewed by some traditionalists and anesthesiologists as an LED balloon.

Leaving the grid

Christmas doesn’t have to be a burden on the environment. Let’s say you give up an old incandescent lamp and you are serious about getting green, but you can’t be warm to the idea of ​​LED Christmas tree lights.

Fortunately, there is Candlepower, a low-tech alternative that uses even less power than LED holiday lights. In fact, the Christmas tree candle is completely off the grid. They do not use electricity to produce light, but only air. This makes it the most environmentally friendly alternative to incandescent and LED Christmas lights. And from an aesthetic point of view, they are not defeated. The sight of the Christmas tree wrapped in the warm glow of natural candles will keep you on your path. It’s fascinating. The wonderful, warm feelings it causes are hard to explain-that’s what you must experience.

You can also illuminate the Christmas tree with a candle for beauty or because it is 100% green. However, safety must be a top priority. Inadvertent use of candles can cause a fire. However, if you take the time to place the candles correctly and use common sense, you can enjoy all the candles with confidence during the holiday season.

For grandparents and great grandparents who celebrated Christmas before the electricity, Christmas candles were the only option for tree trimming. But they didn’t just melt the end of the candle and put it on the branch. We used a simple and original candle holder specially made for the Christmas tree. Unfortunately, Christmas candles and Christmas tree candles

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