My Christmas wish for humanity

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Yes, friends, it’s a fun time of the year again-or they say. But it is also the season when Americans suffer from the highest incidence of depression and suicide. This article is dedicated to creating a more enjoyable holiday season and new year!

Many people think that the way to celebrate Christmas in this country is a joke. However, it is not laughter that the highest rate of depression and suicide during the holidays.

Think about it, maybe it’s good news for disguise. why? realism! As you know, you can’t solve problems you don’t have! Apparently, Christmas is more than any other time, and people are actually facing how lonely and empty their lives are.

“This season hits the bottom-and turns around!

This holiday season has better suggestions than depression, zoloft, spike punch, or suicide. Right! When millions hit the bottom this Christmas , they let’s hope that you that you are expected to be in when you hit the bottom:! turnaround ( “I am a person, such as turn around only when you hit the bottom.”)

This Is the bottom of the year, so it must be a good time for you? And that fits well with the New Year’s solution, right? So instead of saying “seasons are hilarious”, let ’s say “seasons turn around at the bottom”.

What about the usual ridiculous old Christmas all year round?

Christmas should definitely be a time of love. Some people say that. Some even say that if we keep the spirit of Christmas all year round, life will become heaven.

If many of us have a real Christmas spirit all year round, the world will be a much better place. If we have actually nurtured generosity in all thoughts and actions, in fact we have allowed our true spiritual value to warm our hearts and hearts; When dealing with selfish goodwill.

However, if you fill your year with a kind of “Christmas spirit” that dominates the holidays, heaven is forbidden! Everyone knows that the word “love” is related to superficial relationships and trivial events, so almost all the meaning is lost. This misunderstanding is not as obvious as Christmas. It really utters when love is associated with desperate consumerism and the emotions of superficial comfort like Christmas!

For example, “love” means kissing under a mistletoe and distributing sugar cookies and candies. “Love” means traveling, buying cute stockings, buying piles of stuffing and gifts, singing jingle bells and snowmen frosty, giving hugging, and finally going home and not doing that. Means rest assured!

So if you “celebrate” all year round, is this a better world? do not do! The fact is that we express sticky love all year round, but thankfully, in a slightly diluted form. But our country is still. .

The country with the highest proportions of divorce, depression and drug use in the world.
A militaristic state that kills thousands of innocent children and destroys villages and entire cities.
A materialistic insane society where consumerism goes beyond a sustainable level (individually or nationally).
Stockings, stocking stuffers, the same consumerism to create, purchase and destroy Christmas presents, a busy, poor, exploited country economy, destroyed in a sweater underground, a small chained to a chair Uses child workers, 1 pence per day. In order to keep our price low, you know.

Gifts Giving gifts

when done with true intentions and loving consideration is wonderful. But as it was in the United States at Christmas, when the process is mandatory, ritualized, obsessive, and hurrying, it is more harmful than good.

In December, we rush to the mall on the land that everyone already loves according to the standard holiday definition. Purchase expensive “love” gifts. We take them home, wrap everything, put it under the tree and pack it in stockings.

After the day’s passing, behind every house is a plastic peanut, bow, ribbon and styrofoam trash. The man in the trash carries our discarded gift wrap to a landfill somewhere that is not visible, where most of the trash is not biodegraded. These by-products of the Christmas “love exchange” cause massive pollution and kill all kinds of wildlife in the brooks in this area. And they further pollute the ocean and create large dead zones that do not support marine life. But I don’t know or care about it.

And people will often fail and spend the rest of the year to repay the credit card debt generated by that wonderful donation.

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