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Most Christmas presents come with a Christmas bow. Wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows are used to decorate gifts and attract attention. What matters is not the bow, but the gift it decorates. It is sad that so many people enjoy all the wrapping and decoration of Christmas, but they have forgotten the birth of the gift-us and God-Emmanuel-Christ.


Bow Game Christmas Bow Pass-In this game, a team races to hold hands and pass a Christmas bow from one end of the line to the other. Divide the youth group into teams of 6 to 10 youths and arrange the teams side by side. Put six Christmas bows on one end of the line and have a basket on the other end where they can drop the bow. “Left hand, grab right person’s right wrist”. The team must lower all bows to the end and return them without cutting to win. They can only touch the bow with their right hand. If the bow is dropped, the team must remain connected and retrieve the bow. If the chain breaks, all bows currently passed must return to the beginning of the line.

Pass the Christmas Bow Gift Exchange-Pass the bow around the circle while listening to the Christmas Carol playing like “Hot Potato”. When the music stops, anyone with a bow picks a present from under the tree and places it under the knee or chair. The game continues until everyone receives a present. If the music stops and someone has a bow that already has a gift, it goes to the next person on the right who doesn’t have a gift yet.

Christmas Bow Hunt-This is like Easter Egg Hunt-Christmas Bow Only! Hide all bows in the room or all around the house and let everyone search for them.

Christmas Bow Fight-Place a long jump rope or string in the middle of the floor, divide the room into two equal halves, and place one team on each side. Each team begins with the same number of bows. Set a timer for 2-3 minutes and when the game begins, participants pick up a bow and throw it to the team on the other side of the room. When the timer expires, everyone drops all bows and counts the number of bows on the side of the team. The team with the fewest bows wins.

Taboo Ward-At the start of a party or event, give everyone a Christmas ribbon and pin it to the shirt. Words are chosen that no one is allowed to say. (Example: Santa) If someone tells someone a taboo word during an event, they must give them a Christmas bow. They fasten the bow on the shirt along with the other shirts they collected. Everyone will try to force others to say prohibited words. At the end of the event, the person with the most fixed Christmas bows wins.

Christmas Bow Tree Race-Youth is divided into two teams of the same number of players. One member of the wach team is designated as a gift and stands in the room on the other side of the team. On the go, one person from each team grabs one bow from the basket, runs to a “gift”, and sticks it to the arm or head. Young people can only put bows on their arms and heads. The team that attaches the most bows to the gift in a certain amount of time wins. The fallen bow is not counted.

Christmas Bow Balance-Prepare two baskets of different colored bows for each. The basket must contain the same number of bows of each color. When you call a color, the next person on each team will run into the basket and return to the team with as many bows of the specified color as you like. If even one bow falls, they will have to try again. Call colors in random order. Call the game at some point and the team with the most bow wins.

As a Christmas bow blow-goal line, tape two wires to the floors at both ends of the room. The team blows the bow back to the opposite goal along the floor. The first team to complete the relay wins.

Christmas Bow Grab-Plays like a regular game of spoons, but uses a Christmas bow instead of a spoon. Place one less bow in the center of the table than the number of players you have. Shuffle a standard 52-card deck and deal 4 cards to each person. Have everyone take one of your cards and throw it to the left at the same time. However, the person on the right side of the dealer must start a pile of discards by placing one of his cards on the table while the dealer picks up a new card. Repeat this process with everyone passing to the left. The dealer must pick up a new card every round and add it to the waste pile for the right person to keep the new card flowing in. The first four people (for example, all four aces or all four nines) must pick up a bow. Following this, all other players must do the same, and the slowest person will be excluded from the game without a bow.

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