Object Lesson-Christmas Ornament Gospel

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The first Christmas ornaments were fruits and nuts that were placed on the Christmas tree and later eaten from the branches as part of the Christmas feast. Over time, other ornaments were added that brighten the trees and add additional meaning and importance, such as stars and angels.

Games with Christmas decorations

Note: In these games, the term Christmas ornament refers to a round ball type ornament, which usually looks like metal and is made of plastic. Originally made of blown glass, these games do not use glass.

Chopsticks Christmas Tree-Each player needs decorations and chopsticks. The player uses chopsticks to place as many ornaments as possible on the tree within a minute.

Christmas Ball Conveyor-Each team chooses two people to participate in this challenge. They stand facing each other and are at a distance determined by the difficulty you want to challenge. A ribbon is wrapped around the hips of both players, creating a loop that surrounds both players. The first player has a bowl with a Christmas decoration on the hook and a small Christmas tree next to him. To play the game, the first player hangs a decoration on the ribbon. The two players must rotate in tandem to move the decoration around the ribbon, and finally return to the first player and hang on the tree.

Christmas in the balance-(adapted from the minute to win) When the clock starts, the two young people of each team must first place a scale on a wrapping paper tube standing vertically. When the scale is balanced on the tube, the young people in each team begin to hang 5 ornaments of equal weight to the scale, one for each person, on both ends of the scale simultaneously. If the young man places the first ornament on the yardstick and releases the ornament, neither person can touch the tube or yardstick or go over the game. To complete the game, the yardsticks, tubes and ornaments must stand within 60 seconds and remain there for 3 seconds.

Number of Christmas decorations-Count them before putting them on the Christmas tree. The person who correctly guesses the number of tree decorations will win the prize.

Ball Deck-(Adapted from Minutes to Winit) Give the wrapping paper tube to two of each team. When the watch begins, the first person who has each team’s tube uses his tube to blot the first adornment from the starting bowl and transfer it to his partner. The person then hangs it on a tree (or string tied in a room between two ladders). If a piece of decoration falls on the floor or is touched with something other than a tube, the piece of decoration becomes useless. To complete the game, three ornaments must be successfully transferred and hung on the tree (or string) within 60 seconds. All three ornaments must be hanging on the tree (or string) for 3 seconds.

Find Christmas decorations-collect various Christmas tree decorations. Take each photo before placing it in the tree. Place the photo on another card. The player needs to draw the card, run towards the tree and collect the card decorations. The first team that wins a certain number of cards wins. As a variation, ask the next person on each team to search for the same ornament. The first time you find it and get it, you get points. The first team up to a certain number of points wins.

Holiday Kiss-(Adapted from minute to winit) A string is hung horizontally across the room at both ends of the room. When the clock begins, each pair of competitors must pick up the decoration from the starting string using only the lips and transfer it to the second string. If the adornment falls, the competitor can start with another from the start string. To complete the game, the contestant must transfer three ornaments using only their lips and hang them together on the end string for at least 3 seconds. It takes 1 minute to complete the task.

Hot Christmas Ornaments-Everyone gets in a circle and gives a Christmas decoration. When the music stops, anyone holding it is excluded from the game. Continue until there is only one winner.

Ornament catch-8 feet tall ladder (you will have the opportunity to take a picture next to the Christmas tree), Christmas stockings with thick wires to keep open on the top rim, round Christmas ornaments (plastic) required is. Place a ladder in the center of the meeting area and place stockings on the floor in front of it. Place round Christmas decorations on the ladder. (Fix the ladder to some spotters so that nobody falls.) Divide the youth group into pairs. The first pair has one partner kneeling towards the ladder and holding stockings in the mouth. Other partners must climb the ladder so that their faces are aligned to the top of the ladder.

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