Preparing for Christmas: 12 questions to ask yourself

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Do you sit on December 26 every year and ask yourself what happened? The day after Christmas, was there a day when you felt depressed, lost Christ during the season, borrowed, felt stressed, or felt that the whole experience was less than expected? Many of us do, but there is a solution. I am here as a Christmas coach. The first step is to take a few minutes to think about why Christmas is special for your family. Second, think about what deprives the spirit of Christmas during the holiday season. Once you have this valuable information, you can work towards creating a Christmas holiday season. Let’s begin!

Stop and think about the Christmas season at any time of the year. In many cases, we don’t think about Christmas, just “do” and disappoint, and many “want to do this” after the season. Answer the following questions to help you decide what is important to you regarding Christmas. Your answer will help you begin to be organized step by step for Christmas. Be honest with yourself-there is no right or wrong answer.

Question 1: Do you enjoy the Christmas season?
Christmas should be a fun time of the year, but for many people it may not be, or it may be more fun. Depending on how much you have already enjoyed Christmas, you may need to tweak it to make it more fun. As a Christmas coach, I would like to help you on your journey to Christmas with more joy-step by step. At one Christmas, things don’t magically improve in every way, but taking a baby step every Christmas reduces stress and increases joy.

Question 2: Do you feel your Christmas is out of control?
Creating a Christmas Organizer notebook to help you create Christmas can be a great reward. The result is a more enjoyable holiday season. By putting together a Christmas organizer, you can create a central location for all Christmas related information at your fingertips.

Question 3: Do you think you don’t have enough time to enjoy the Christmas season?
Creating a Christmas calendar is a time-balancing method, and recording all the activity of the season is an important aspect of stress-free Christmas. The calendar makes it easy to see where time is already spent and how much time is spent on new activities.

Question 4: Are you using too much during Christmas?
Creating a Christmas budget will help you plan your Christmas spending. In addition to all areas of Christmas, from gifts to live entrance wreaths and new clothes for Christmas family portraits, you need to include more when you plan your Christmas budget. Make sure all expenses for the Christmas season are ready.

Question 5: Do you ask your family to help you prepare for the Christmas season?
One of the biggest things to remember is that this is not just a Christmas holiday. Christmas celebrations also belong to others in your family. It is also important to include them in your overall plan and ask them for help in implementing your plan.

Question 6: I purchase gifts all year round, but will I lose them when it’s time to wrap the gifts?
One easy way to deal with the problem of “lost gifts” is to identify one place and place all the Christmas gifts when you buy one at one place. Many of us are proud to have found the perfect gift for someone long before Christmas. Addressing this issue with a central gift location can reduce stress as well as the cost of gifts that need to be exchanged.

Question 7: Do you plan to send a Christmas card?
If you haven’t (or wanted to) send a card in the past year, or if the card you sent doesn’t go as planned, developing a system to send the card is very helpful. When creating a list of Christmas cards, mark the card priority next to each person. For example, in my house, if I receive a gift from my family, the Christmas card list has a lower priority, but those who don’t send gifts have a higher priority, just like my family and friends who live far away. Become. By grouping recipients by priority and working with each group one at a time, you are more likely to sign, seal, and deliver cards.

Question 8: Do you purchase gifts with a purpose?
Buying a gift doesn’t mean buying a gift just for how much you spend or get a gift. At the beginning of the year, begin taking notes on Christmas notes for each person who buys gifts

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