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Puzzles have been around for many years in physical, analog and digital form and are as popular today as they ever were. Here are seven great Jigsaw Puzzles sites to enjoy. All available in a web browser.

7 Best Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles in Hindi

1) Jigzone

May be the oldest and one of the best jigsaw sites on the internet.

Jigzone is one of the best looking sites to play jigsaw online for free with its dynamic layout that acts as a showcase of multiple puzzles and a menu selection system at once. You just need to select a puzzle and a difficulty level and move your mouse cursor over the background images to start playing. It all works very well and is fun to use.

There is a huge gallery of daily puzzles and images. You can change the size of the puzzle from 6 to 247 pieces. Here you can also upload your own image with shuffle, auto solve option.

2) Jigsaw Explorer

Jigsaw Explorer isn’t completely ad-free, but it almost is. This free online jigsaw puzzle website features an incredibly clean layout that displays the puzzles in an easy-to-read style and uses only the jigsaw game and a banner ad on the selection pages. These two design decisions make Jigsaw Explorer standout in contrast to almost all other puzzle sites, which are usually cluttered with ads and crammed with as much text and links as possible.

Puzzles on Jigsaw Explorer can be found via the search bar, but the focus is on curated puzzles on the front page that are updated daily. Users can also upload their images to the site to create a new puzzle that can be shared with friends.

Here is the daily puzzle, you can upload an image, change the puzzle pieces and background color.

You have the option to choose the number of puzzle pieces.

Clean layout, few ads and images in different categories.

જવાબ :- ટેન્શન વિના જીવન જીવતા શીખો


3) JSPuzzles

Extensive gallery of daily puzzles, stock and user images, you can also upload your own images here. The pieces of the puzzle can range from 9 to 225, and you have the option to choose between smaller or larger sizes. There are five puzzle piece sizes to choose from.

4) Jigsaw Planet

Jigsaw Planet is one of the most popular sites for playing free online puzzles. The website features thousands of puzzles that are either searched on top lists or searched in the toolbar at the top of the site and can be played in all browser windows or in fullscreen mode.

There is no need to download any programs or plugins to play puzzles on Jigsaw Planet, as they all work within the web browser on your device. Jigsaw Planet allows the user to sign up for a free site membership, but this is not required to play the puzzles and is simply used to rate the people you like or dislike .

There is a good selection of images and they work well on small screens. There are ghost outlines as well as a variety of shapes to choose from. You can change the background color. You can choose from 24 to 300 puzzle pieces.

5) Just Jigsaw

There is a daily puzzle with a good selection of images. Option to change the light level, quantity, size and shape of the pieces. The sound can be turned off under the game option.

One of the standout features of Pixabay is its ability to select any image and puzzle it.

6) Washington Post

The Washington Post receives a daily jigsaw puzzle game from Arkadium Games and has three difficulty levels (easy, normal, and expert).

Images can be previewed before playing. The sound effect plays automatically and can be turned off using the pause button in the top right corner.

7) National Geographic

National Geographic also has jigsaw puzzles taken from Photo of the Day and updated daily. The settings are minimal, you can choose from three sizes of puzzle pieces.

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