Right Way to Sit on a Western TOILET

In today’s fast paced life it is difficult to take care of yourself. Due to the busy lifestyle, people do not have time to take good care of themselves or their families. Lonely people with jobs and students in particular can’t take good care of themselves. They do not have enough time to eat what is good and healthy. In this cycle, people tend to overeat. But these people are unaware of how badly this bad habit of eating and drinking affects their body. The effect of our inappropriate eating and drinking has on our bodies.

Due to improper eating and drinking, a person gradually becomes afflicted with various diseases. But the most annoying problem is the problem of constipation. Constipation is called constipation in English. The stomach of a person cannot be cleaned well and it is annoying all day.  If you too always suffer from constipation problems and your stomach is not well cleaned then no need to get tension anymore. Today we will show you some home remedies that will help you to clean your stomach easily and you will get rid of this problem forever. You no longer need to take any medicine for this. Where’s the recipe, come on.


It is said that a person should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. Drinking water is very beneficial for health. Drinking enough water alone can cure Alzheimer’s disease. If you are bothered by constipation, drink two glasses of warm water every morning after waking up. The main cause of constipation is lack of water in the body. Drinking warm water helps the vest escape from the body. Your stomach will clear easily in the morning.

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The person must consume garlic in the meal. If possible, make it a habit to eat 2 raw garlic daily. But it becomes a little difficult to eat it raw so you can use garlic in meals. Apart from this you can also eat it in the form of pickles or sauces. Garlic softens the stool and helps the exit of your intestines with ease. Its anti-inflammatory properties also reduce the swelling of the stomach.


Fenugreek also eliminates the problem of constipation. To do this, take a teaspoon of fenugreek powder in warm water before going to bed every day. This helps you to clear your stomach in the morning. Apart from this you should also try to eat yoghurt every day. Yogurt eliminates the harmful bacteria in your stomach.

Indian toilets are better than western toilets

Top Five Reason For Indian toilets are better than western toilets are given below

  1. Indian toilets are good for pregnant women
  2. Indian toilets keep you fitter
  3. ​It can prevent colon cancer and other diseases
  4. ​Indian toilets can improve digestion
  5. ​Indian toilets are eco-friendly

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