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While some may think that older people and those who buy Christmas gifts and toys online may not go along, I am here to say that this is garbage. I do not hold it against inexperienced young people who believe in such nonsense.

There are many reasons why older people buy many Christmas toys and gifts online this year. The biggest reason is to win more with convenience and less money.

(I would like to you a beauty a long article. Some of the young people lose interest, you might not passed, to do until the end. So, this article became even longer.)


Well, I Christmas It was the first pioneer who admitted that shopping for gifts and toys was done in a traditional way. I feel sick.

Christmas Shopping Saga: A Christmas gift shopping saga. It all happened to me, but I admit, not all in one trip:

Traffic: I hate traffic. Like a black hole in the universe, the closer you are to a mall or megabox store, the slower the time. Cars are everywhere and parking is not everywhere. wait! Just opened! number! The little hybrid just zipped in and took a spot.

Parking: After an hour of fruitless hunting and stalking, I finally found a parking lot at the very edge of the parking lot. A few hours later, I forgot where my car was.

How to get to the store: When you go to the store, you have to fight other drivers looking for a phantom parking lot that I don’t notice. I wasn’t a fan of how the car park mixes people and cars.

Crowd: I go to the store. Look at the terrifying crowd! I think that pitch fork and torch will be sold this year. When the store opens the door, the mob’s mood changes in an ominous direction. The night campers woke up sleepily and found the last-minutes driving them into the store and getting the new load of Christmas toys they had been waiting for.

The packed shop has a straight bed lamb and a devil’s jigger. Everyone is looking for Christmas gifts and toys. I go through the knot of double-width people for a shopping bag full of loot.

Leftovers: In the distance, I can see the Christmas goods I want, but the remaining supplies are dangerously scarce. As I approached, the first person and then another person snatched with a hand closer than my hand. By the time I pass through, there is something half open on the floor and the parts are hanging. I grab it because this looks pretty good, like 3am at the bar.

Line: Then you are going to buy more Christmas toys and gifts. A few hours later, with a tired sigh, I have a Christmas present at hand and head to the checkout area. At first it looks not so bad, but the register line looks like a line that houses a voucher in the Atlanta area a few weeks ago. Sober Medics using bottled water and scented salt will be waiting for those who do not participate in the challenge (no Medics).

Check-out: Finally, the first time I felt completely spent was to pay for Christmas presents at the cash register. Do you have a membership card? do you want? Do you need an extended warranty plan? Want a battery? The above sign says “No receipt, no refund, 30 days”. Credit card will be provided. The clerk tells me that I swipe it with a card reader. Stupid me. I forgot. I am an obvious rookie and holding the line, so the crowd stares at me. People start to point me.

Gatekeeper: Pay attention to the sign above and put the receipt in your pocket. I get to the door, but a stubborn man hinders my way. “It’s not so fast, an old timer,” he shouts. “Where is the receipt?” So I regretted and dug a hole in my pocket and showed the receipt to a good person. He sees it with suspicion, confirms it once and confirms it twice. Is he naughty or lovely to me? Reluctantly, he finds nothing wrong, flashes and pushes my receipt back into my hand. For the dignity of being an elder.

Finally, I’m out of the swooshing door: a breath of fresh air. Cold air greets me. I didn’t realize how hot and humid the inside was. The smell outside is also better. Well, it smells until I pass an idling bronco filled with Christmas toys waiting for something. The gal in front of me ignites the cigarette and breathes nicotine and exhaust gas overflowing into the lungs.

Donation: It ’s dark now. It was the day I came. I swore it. Some large fellows are asking for donations. Whatever it is, they don’t seem to belong to it. They are not Santy Clauses. I say no, the greatest one claims me, and I imply that there is sin in something else or something.

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