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“Remember that the heart of Christmas is the giving heart, the open mind that first thinks of others. The birth of the baby Jesus is the most important event in all history, A healing medicine of love that has changed all kinds of minds for almost 2000. Under this inflated bundle is this heartbeat of this beating Christmas. ”-George Matthew Adams

“ The page is turned gently The room was so quiet while the winter sunshine sneaked into the Christmas greetings touching the bright head and serious face. “-Luiza May Alcott
” Christmas Eve wrapped around you like a shawl It was a night song, but it was warmer than your body, it warmed your heart … it was filled with an everlasting melody. “-Vestri -Aldrich
“A perfect Christmas tree? All Christmas trees are perfect!”-Charles N Bernard
“The gift of time and love is indeed a fundamental ingredient of Merry Christmas.”-Peg Warabi
” Although Earth is outdated under the weight of care, always young for Christmas, jewelry heart burst into flame a glossy, broke the air soul full of music, when the angel of the song is sung. “- Phillips Brooks
” .. I am not alone I was never alone and it is, of course Christmas message we are never lonely indifferent This is because it is time yet chosen by the God “-…. Taylor Caldwell
” Remember that if Christmas is not found in your heart, you will not find it under the tree “- Charlotte Carpenter
“Christmas is not a time or season, it is a state of mind. To value peace and good will and be full of mercy is to have the true spirit of Christmas.”-Calvin Coolidge
“Christmas is the last essence . in, is intended for people who have grown you have forgotten that the children know Christmas is for those who of old enough to deny the defunct spirit of man’s insatiable. “- Margaret Cousins
” All of Alaska’s snow will not be “white” unless Christmas is a blessing opportunity. -Bing Crosby
“Whatever is lost for years, make Christmas shining. Whatever you suspect or fear of attacking us, let us hug one day again. -Grace Nor Crowell
“Individual thoughtfulness, warm human consciousness, and self-investment by our peers will be suitable for the spirit of Christmas.” -Isabel Courier
“What about traditional Christmas? It ’s hard to forget. ”-Hugh Downs
“ The person who thinks Santa Claus is coming down from the chimney is wrong. He really enters the heart. ”-Mr. Paul M. Elle
“ My child’s Christmas is in action of love. “- Dale Evans
,” a book for Christmas -.. do not the whether in religious giving or overweight Rarely or committed a crime, is not “to be or be a permanent personally – Lenoir Hershey
. The first copy of” Treasure Island and Huckleberry Finn, are still blue spruce needles scattered in the pages Christmas The smell still remains. “-Charlton Heston
“All the way home
at Christmas .” -Marjorie Holmes “Whether old-fashioned or modern Christmas, my idea is very simple. To love others. Why do we need to wait for Christmas? ”-Bob Hope
“ Brightening other people ’s lives, burdening each other, reducing the burden on others, free hearts and rich gifts The joy of replacing a life becomes the magic of Christmas for us. ”-WC Jones
“ Christmas candles are wonderful. They make no sound, but gently give off themselves. There is no in, will be smaller. “- Eva · K · Rogue
because” I was a philosopher, write a philosophy of toys, it is another to have to think anything seriously in life It, and the Christmas day to spend with the children should indicate that the man is one of the few opportunities to completely live. “- Robert Lynd
” Blessed is the season to involve the whole world in a conspiracy of love. “Hamilton Light Mabi
” A cheerful family gathering-a mysteriously beautiful way they sing in carols, young and old. Christmas is a time of tradition-a precious memory of many years, a tradition that reminds all of them the same -Helen Laurie Marshall
“There is no ideal Christmas. Only one Christmas has been decided to reflect your values, desires, love and traditions.”-Bill Mackiben
“The Spirit of Christmas was placed in a bottle, I wish I can open a monthly bottle “- Harlan Miller
” Christmas is storage of the memory of our innocence location Be. “- Joan Mills
“Of course, Christmas is the time to go home. Not only for the mind but also for the body.” -Gary Moore
“What is Christmas? Kindness to the past, courage to the present, hope for the future. Full of eternal blessings, all the way

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