Youth Christmas Party Planning Checklist

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Christmas is coming soon … Have you still prepared for your youth Christmas party? If things don’t work well in advance, instead of enjoying a Christmas holiday with young people, you may feel completely stressed and miss precious opportunities that affect their lives and the lives of friends and family There is.

So here is a youth Christmas planning checklist … form a

Christmas party planning committee

Who needs to be involved in planning a Christmas party? (That is, parents, youth workers, youth, pastors, etc.)
What is your role in planning and preparing for a Christmas party? Who is responsible for each role?
Coordinating the Youth Christmas Party with the whole
Church How does the Christmas Party fit all schedules of church activity? Does it complement the church’s Christmas theme and focus?
Are there duplicates? Do I need to hold a part of the Christmas party together?
Is there a conflict between personnel and facilities?
Are there any planned Christmas party dates in the overall church calendar?
Who do I need to coordinate with? Is it part of the whole church Christmas plan or is it different?
Determine the Christmas Activity Schedule
List the individual activities that will be part of the Youth Christmas program.
What is the time and date of each event?
What is the venue or place for each event?
How does a Christmas party fit your schedule?
Determine Christmas Party Goals
Purpose: What is the purpose of a Christmas party? Is it evangelism? Thank you? A simple celebration? How can I reach out to the community? To help the poor?
Target group: Who is the target group for the Christmas party? Who do you want to attend the Christmas party? (Age, Christian / Job Seeker, Youth Friends, Parents, Youth Workers, Community, etc.)
Brief Description: Write a clear description of the Christmas party and its goals.
Theme: What is the theme of the Christmas party?
Planning the details of the
Christmas party What is the official name of the Christmas party? Does the name clearly convey the purpose and content?
You should already write down the date and place of the party. Do you want to add directions to the venue? Is there a map available? How long does it take to get there? Is it difficult to find?
Temporary Christmas Party Program
What activities will take place during the Christmas Party? There are plans and alternatives. (Eg icebreakers, gift exchanges, Bible studies, movies, large group games, etc.) If you are using a different venue, you can improve your Christmas game and activity preparations by conducting an on-site inspection in advance. The If there is a gift exchange, how is the exchange adjusted?
Christmas Party Finances
What are the expected actual costs?
What is the budget for a youth Christmas party?
How much does the participant cost?
If there is a Christmas gift exchange, what is the price range of the participant’s gift?
Are there any Christmas party sponsors or grocery suppliers? Do parents and church members donate Christmas goods and food?
Is there a scholarship?
Will the cost of early or late registration change?
When is the Christmas Party due?
Christmas party arrangements
Venue reservations?
Recruiting an adult chaperone / volunteer at a Christmas party-As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to have one chaperone (parent / youth pastor / leader) for every eight young people attending. (Some groups may require some monitoring)
Are there any special speakers / special items / programs that leverage external people?
If someone was injured, they received first aid or medication training in the field.
What food can you eat at the Christmas party? Meals and snacks should be designed to meet the needs of all participants. Are there any special dietary requirements or restrictions?
Are there any transportation requirements?
Contact information for persons responsible for key roles and obligations
Nearest medical emergency assistance address and contact information?
Which rules are enforced?
Do you want to create an “incident report” form for injuries, accidents, or security breaches that occurred during the Christmas party?
Promotion of Christmas events
Promotional Flyer
Church Bulletin
Church / Youth Calendar or Event
Invitation-The invitation should clearly indicate the start and end times of the Christmas party and mention the food served. Don’t forget the directions to the venue, especially for the first timer. You must also specify whether participants need to bring gifts for gift exchange, including costs, and the cost of such gifts.
Sign Up Form / Permit
Postcards to Invite Friends
Poster / Bulletin
Website / Email
Local Paper
Equipment and Resources for Christmas Party
Are there enough tables and chairs for participants and meals available at the venue?

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